The Best Weekend Ever

We finished up all the adoption paperwork on Friday! The attorney was nice and laughed at his own jokes which made us laugh! We had Sara and Sydney with us when we went and the lady at the attorney's office thought that we were adopting them and that Josie was our baby! We love when that happens!Josie had her first sleepover on Friday night. Her and Everett are so cute together! He is walking and was wanting to play and poor Josie couldn't quite figure out what was going on. It will be so fun when they are old enough to get excited that they have a friend over. I think Tiffany and I were having more fun then the kids were! Josie's hair is getting really long. I can put it in pigtail now and it looks so cute. However, when we take the pigtails out, this is what we get! I think we are going to get some really funny pictures as it gets longer! Our little fro head is SO stinking cute! And that's her new favorite toy she's holding, my coasters. At least they're getting used for something!Andrew got SO much done this weekend! It was great! We had a few of the kids from CC over Saturday night and that was a lot of fun. It is totally different hanging out with them when we aren't leading them. It was fun to be with them and not be planning the next big thing or dealing with the latest crisis. It's bittersweet, but we are starting to adjust to this new life. The girls were more lovey then usual, but we like that so it worked for us!
We tried a new Church this weekend. I cried through the first half. I know that nothing is going to feel like TPC. That place was such a big part of our life. I've been holding it together for Andrew, but something about really not being there this Sunday just didn't feel right. I know it is going to be an adjustment and that it will take time. We knew quite a few people there and everyone was really nice, so I think we will try it again this week. They are big into the community and small groups, which we also feel is very important so that's good. My only gripe was that they gave Josie a doughnut. So much for no sugar. I'll be sure to point out the healthy muffins in her bag next week!
We did find it ironic that this church is at the same point that TPC was when we started going there. Maybe God is telling us it's time to start over and do it totally his way this time.Since all this happened, it really showed us that we need to be doing most of the Bible teaching at home rather then trusting that the Church will be there to do it. So we've started really involving Josie in prayer and daily time with God. We bought her a small devotional with really short Bible stories and she seems to really like it. Andrew was trying to teach her to fold her hands when she prays and it was too cute not to sneak a picture.
Life is different now, but a good different. I think the shock is wearing off and we are now ready to embark on whatever God has next.