Mini Me

Josie LOVES to play in the dishwasher! I know what one of her chores is going to be!
I make her homemade sugarfree carrot and apple muffins. Despite the look on her face, she loves them! She's getting picky about what she will eat, but I know if I put one of these in her hand, the whole thing will be in her mouth in less then a minute!
We can now MOOOO! Her favorite animal noise is the Tiger though. She crawls around shaking her head and ROARRING! It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Well, I guess I say that about everything she does!
Josie has taken to eating her crib. There are some distinct teeth marks on the rail. Of course we bought the trendy wave looking crib, so we can't find those bite guard things for it. Oh well.
Her birthday party is on Saturday. We planned on having a really small intimate party with just our close friends and family. Well, I just added up the people that are coming, it's already over 35! Opps!