The Circus!!

We had so much fun at the circus on Saturday! It was a long day, but she did great. The only part she really paid attention to was the elephants and the Tigers. Other then that she just wiggled around non stop and tried her hardest to fight off her nap. I found out that she's a little young to go somewhere that requires two hours of sitting in one place! On Friday night we took Josie to meet one of our old friends who works at the place we had our tattoo done. So we had to get a picture of her first (and only) trip to the tattoo parlor!
This is little Josh Headley. He is one of the young men competing for our daughter's affection. I feel bad for all these gentlemen. While any of them would make a fine husband for Miss Josie, she will not be dating for a good 25 years. Her Daddy is the only man she needs. And here is our little bed hog! Andrew and I only let her sleep with us once in a while, but we love it when we do! There's nothing better then having your whole family wrapped up in one bed together. However, she is quite the bed hog and usually ends up with her head on Andrew and her feet in my ribs! That little doggie is the first stuffed animal that she is really attached to. It's so cute the way she snuggles it. She has become quite the affectionate little girl. I guess all the kisses we give her are starting to wear off!