Visit with Santa!

On Saturday we went to a Christmas Party for the foster and adopted children of our county. It was a lot of fun for all the kids. I think that this is the first real Christmas that the boys have had. When they saw our tree they kept asking why that was in the house. And when we asked what they wanted for Christmas, they said that they wanted to take the boxes out of the closet and put them out (I had caught them in the closet going through my Christmas decorations a few weeks ago and told them we didn't take those out until Christmas time). They are so sweet and innocent. It's very cool to see the holiday season through their eyes. To me, their lack of Christmas is another glimpse into the life they could have ended up with and a reminder of what a blessing they are.
Josie did great with Santa! When we got to the front of the line, I told Santa that I wasn't sure how this was going to go, but she didn't make a peep! She wouldn't look at us for us to get a picture of her face. She kept her eyes on him the whole time he had her! She was the cutest baby there in her little Santa outfit! The party was put on my a local motorcycle group. They do it every year and I think they did a great job! They had a ton of activities for the kids to do and those big blow up jumpy things. They also gave a gift to every child and had free food. I was very impressed. The only weird thing was being in a room with Josie where everyone knew she wasn't my biological child. I don't think I'll ever get used hearing people ask me if, "I am going to keep her." Of course I am, she's my baby. I'm sure they mean well, it just sounds very strange to talk about a child like she's a pair of shoes. Anyways, who could give back a little elf like this?She is so cute! Tomorrow she will be 10 months old. I wish I could freeze time and just hold her little self the way she is! Each day is so fun with her! She is learning so much. She LOVES to stand now, which makes it very difficult to change her diaper! She still isn't crawling, but she is getting pretty frustrated with being stuck in one spot, so she is close to getting it down. For now, she just rolls across the room or scoots backwards.The Christmas party pooped her out! She slept through the last 1/2 hour, even with the music at full blast. This is going to be such a great holiday season with lots of surprises and smiles!