A Christmassy Weekend!

Well, I turned 25 on Saturday! I guess I'm a real adult now. Andrew and I went on our first date since Miss Thing came home. It was a little strange at first to not have to carry a 20 lbs diaper bag, but we managed to get used to it! We had an awesome dinner and some much needed adult conversation! It was a great night, well, minus the 2 hours it took to get out of Atlanta. Who closes 4 lanes of traffic on a Friday night on the only road out of Atlanta? On Saturday we met up with the Glovers to have the kids see Santa. It's so cute to me that Josie and Everett get to spend holidays together. It will be neat to see them grow up together. As you can see, they have pretty deep conversations. Just like their daddies!Josie was not as trilled with this Santa as she was last weekend. Maybe she's catching on that they aren't the same man. Or maybe she is starting to wonder why we keep making her sit on old hairy mens laps! Either way, she is adorable and the sweetest elf I've ever seen!
It is finally winter in Atlanta. We actually had frost this morning! Quite the change from the 80 degree high we hit last Monday. At least we can bundle up in our wonderful Christmas sweaters!
Only 4 days of work this week and then the holidays officially begin! I love this time of year.