Weekend Two!

Woo! We had a busy weekend!
Saturday we spent the day at the pumpkin patch with Missy and the girls! It was SO much fun! Josie got really hot (it was about 85 degrees...In October mind you) and tired, but she did great! I had her dressed in the cutest little Fall outfit, but she ended up in a little onsie by the end of the day! She was still cute as can be though. Sunday was her first church service. She sat in our adult life group meeting at 9 and just played on the floor then she napped during the student leadership life group. I had to wake her up to bring her over to the nursery at 10:45 and couldn't get her back to sleep so she was pretty tired by 12.
Missy threw us a GREAT baby shower at the student center. It was so much fun...even if the guest of honor slept through the first 45 minutes! We got a TON of clothes! I don't think I'll have to buy her clothes until she's 18 months old! (but I'm sure I'll find an excuse to anyways!) After the shower we went to the Glover's house for about an hour and did a few family shots before we left. They are going to do our family pictures in the next week or so, so this was our practice! We are meeting with our case worker again on Thursday to go over all the stuff we need to. I'm a little anxious for all this waiting to be over. I know it's going to be fine, but every now and then I get a twinge of fear that sneaks in. I'm trying to combat it with prayer and remembering how faithful God has been to us through this whole situation. Any prayers you can offer will be greatly appreciated. The 10 days that the other foster family had to file their appeal is over and as far as our case worker can tell, they didn't do it. I'm just waiting for the official call telling us their time is over and she is ours.