Our Forms Are On The Way!

Andrew is so awesome! He filled out all his paperwork yesterday and we are done with the questionaires! So this morning Andrew is going to make copies of everything, a total of about 60 pages front and back! I would hate to have filled all of that out and turn it in without copies. It would really suck if we did all that and it got lost! So he will make the copies and then, after he picks Sara and Sydney up from school, he will bring it to DFCS and drop it off. I am willing to bet that we will be one of the first couples to turn it in, so hopefully we will be at the top of the list to get our homestudy started.
Tonight we are going to the Family Clinic in Griffin to get our physicals, TB tests, and drug screens done. Andrew is dropping off a letter requesting the Environmental Health Department to come out and appove our well and septic system as well. Other then that, all we have left to turn in is a copy of our 2006 W-2's to prove our income, and we will be done with our side of the paperwork! I love getting a to do list done, it's my favorite!
Of course, we still have three Saturday's full of classes. We also have to have 2 home visits. When that is done, it will take our caseworker about a month to write up our homestudy and maybe a week or so after that to get it approved by their supervisor. Then... we will be ready to get placement calls! Yippee!
Missy and I are going to paint the nursery in October and we will probably get the crib up then too.
Well, that's all for today. Just turning paperwork in and getting our physicals out of the way. I'll keep you all updated if anything else changes!