Root Beer Floats

Out of all the subjects we've toyed with, writing is Josie's least favorite.

Which hurts my heart, because, I mean, come on!  Writing is the greatest!  I don't think I'd survive without writing.

Now to be fair, it isn't the writing process she is so against, it's the handwriting part.

I've watched her improve over the past year, but she still has a long ways to go.  I'm 99% certain the problem is her fine motor skills in her hands.  It's like her hand gets tired really fast.  I guess I should have upped the beading and playdoh time when she was a toddler.

But fear not.  I've come up with a few fun ways to build those muscles.  Like a 20 foot clothesline on the back porch for her to hang her doll clothes on with clothes pins.  And I'm finding way to take the bite out of writing practice too.

Like how about an informative How To writing assignment on making a delicious treat?

Ahhh, my kid had no idea what a root beer float was.

I'm ashamed of that.  She could not understand what we were doing.  She does now though and, believe me, she's a fan.

After we made the floats, I had her write out the ingredients on one page, followed by each step on it's own page.

She loved this project and the book turned out super cute!


Tracy said...

So cute! I love her pink nails, too.

Nicole said...

You are such a super great mom! Love the clothesline idea!

Azmomo2andcounting said...

I would really like my children to go to your school! LOL Your class looks fun! Lucky girl!

Christa said...

Great thing about the RootBeer Float ~ August 6 in National RootBeer Float Day!!

Great way to get her writing.

Jolanthe Erb said...

What a great idea to get her writing!! :) {and yummy too!}

Autumn said...

What a fun idea! So many ways you could do this sort of thing! Thanks for sharing!