Little School - PUMPKINS!

This week we did lots of fun actities with PUMPKINS!

I had to laugh at this picture.  How mean are we???

"Let's put the cupcakes right in front of the poor children shall we??!?!?"

I know I've said it before, but Ashley is my Preschool Super Hero.  She is always prepared and her ideas are out of this World.  Most the cute stuff we do Thursdays comes out of her brain.

Like these 5 Little Pumpkins paintings!

Then we let them have their cake.

Homemade from scratch cake!  Ashley even made the icing. 

See?  My Hero.  (except for the fact that I've eaten 3 since yesterday.  UGH!)

We spent the rest of the morning carving pumpkins.

Which turned out to be a great Preschool activity!  Shapes and textures!

Don't let her grossed out face fool you, she played and squished and smooshed for a hour!


And then Peyton and Josie decided that the pumpkins made pretty cool puzzles!


Cunz Family said...

I have the 5 little pumpkins book! Tommy loves it!

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVVVVEEE the face Josie is making while removing the inside of the pumpkin! LOL! Apparently she is a "texture" girl!
♥Amy King

Anonymous said...

What a fun time with the pumpkins! I love the 5 little pumpkins craft :-)

Andrea said...

Ha ha, the cupcake part made me laugh!