This past week was super fun but insanely busy so I don't have anything witty to say.

Here's what I wore while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Wednesday - Gabe's Cardio Appt & Book Club

Tan Shirt, Jeans, & White Tank - Target
Jean Jacket - Gap
Scarf - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Stolen From Amy (Franchescas)

I love, love, loved this outfit.  I felt cute and comfy and put together.  Which is exactly what I needed since I ended up spending 3 hours with Baby Mama.

Thursday - Day At Home & Ballet

Teal Top & Grey Tank - Target
Jeans - Gap
Camera Strap - MEL{V} Designs

Jacket - Gap
Yellow Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans - Target


Dress - Somewhere Out Of The 80's

Ahhh, the things I do for a good kid party!  
Amy scored this dress from her Sister In Law's old dress up box.
I had some serious shoulder poofs and the waistline is just gross.

I laughed all day that 30 years ago, some girl saw this dress in a store and said, "OH MY!  THAT IS THE PROM DRESS OF MY DREAMS!"

And then I cried that the 80's were 30 years ago! 


Sunday - Chuch (10 Year Anniversary!!  GO VTTN!!)

Black Top & Jean Jacket - Gap
Skirt - Old Navy
Tights & Belt - Urban Outfitters

And my straightener finally died and so my hair is wild.

Sunday Night - Date Night

Black Dress & Cardigan - Franchescas
Belt - Gap

And yes, Andrew and I go on an excessive amount of dates!  We think it's important.  He works crazy hours and I spend 24 hours a day with kids that poop on themselves and demand all my attention.  Going on dates reminds us we are more then just Mr. Waffle and Mrs. Mama.

Plus, I think he's a hottie and I love seeing him in something other then his Waffle Uniform!

Monday - Shopping & Catering w/ The Grand Gourmet

Black Shirt - Old Navy
Grey Top - Target
Jeans - Gap

Tuesday - Classical Conversations Open House & Dinner W/ Friends

Sweater - Target
Grey/Blue Striped Tank - Old Navy
Jeans - Target

This was the day all the other days caught up wih me.  I'm SO sleepy!

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Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

I love the date night look!

Mommyblogger said...

Your date night look was fabulous!

Kristen said...

You look great! Boooo to the dead hair straightener, that's a crisis situation in my book, my hair wouldn't even fit in the photos without mine!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

All your outfits are super cute! I like Friday's best :)

Paige said...

That dress made me laugh out loud. And then cry with you...30 years ago...really? I didn't believe you but then I counted back and cried some more!

The rest of your week's outfits were awesome!


Amy said...

You look like you're sticking your butt out in the pic you took in my bathroom. No matter what way you stand it won't be big enough to hold a computer

Ally's Corner said...

Looking cute!Love that you take the time for date night, my husband and I need to do that more.
Totally understand how you feel about your babies!!